Wednesday 18th May, 2022

“Building the Future of Commerce Experiences”

Here’s what’s in store at our 1-day, multi-timezone ecommerce marathon!

Los Angeles | New York | London | Stockholm | Sydney

12.30am LA

3.30am NY

8.30am LDN

9.30am STHLM

5.30pm SYD

Welcome to NES 2022

Kicking off NES 2022 and introducing this year's theme, “Building the Future of Commerce Experiences”, is our very own, Jim Lofgren. Tune in for a summary of what you can expect over the day.
Jim Lofgren

Chairman & CEO

NES & Nosto

12:35am LA

3:35am NY

8:35am LDN

9:35am STHLM

5:35pm SYD

The Future of Commerce Starts with People

Join leading digital commerce agency, Overdose, as they talk to the NES crowd about how the right people, culture, and diversity are the foundations to commerce success in 2022 and beyond...
Paul Pritchard

Group Chief Executive Officer


1am LA

4am NY

9am LDN

10am STHLM

6pm SYD

The Future of Checkout: Identity-Powered Commerce for a Shopper-Centric Approach

Shopper expectations are set by Amazon and other major marketplaces. The way to compete is to address and surpass these expectations. In this keynote, Paul Longhenry will cover how a winning checkout and payment orchestration continually converts shoppers. Expect insights on: - Why identity-powered commerce creates more value for both shoppers and merchants - How opt-in shopper identity can help merchants overcome the unfair advantage of Amazon and major marketplaces - How opt-in identity will enable checkout, payments, and post-purchase experiences that are consistent, and inspire shopper trust
Paul Longhenry

VP of Corporate Strategy


1.30am LA

4.30am NY

9.30am LDN

10.30am STHLM

6.30pm SYD

Track 1: Brand Purpose and Honesty in Marketing

Concerns around topics such as diversity and the environment have deepened over the pandemic, and consumers have been active participants. Many brands have responded to this, presenting products, services, missions, purposes as “diverse”, “environmentally friendly”, and more. But do all these brands stay true to these values, and to what extent do their customers care? In this keynote, Trustpilot explore the findings of our recent consumer research that surveyed 1000 respondents across 7 markets, and share recommendations on how brands can integrate purposefulness into all aspects of the organization.
Gillian Harris

Head of Marketing Program Management


Track 2: The Future of Customer Acquisition & Retention

Join Eastside Co. as they work through some of the challenges faced by the increasing cost of acquisition and why post-purchase retention is more important than ever. Listen-in to understand more about the landscape right now and what this means for your ecommerce future. Hosted by Eastside’s CMO, Louis Thompson, alongside CEO, Jason Stokes, and their in-house Optimisation and Growth Specialist, Claire Blacker.
Jason Stokes

Founder & CEO

Eastside Co

Louis Thompson


Eastside Co

Claire Blacker

Optimisation and Growth Specialist

Eastside Co

2am LA

5am NY

10am LDN

11am STHLM

7pm SYD

How TALA and SHREDDY Founder, Grace Beverley, Scaled an at-home Ecommerce Business into an Online Fitness Empire

Join us for this fireside chat with the Forbes 30 Under 30 retail and ecommerce leader who’s paving the way in direct-to-consumer fitness, as we discover the secrets to scaling a global online brand in 2022.
Grace Beverley

Founder & CEO


Tim Richardson

Founder & Host

Fern Studios & Your Basket Is Empty

2.30am LA

5.30am NY

10.30am LDN

11.30am STHLM

7.30pm SYD

Tailoring Personalized Experiences for Each Shopper at Scale: A Q&A with Wilkinson Sword

Learn how Wilkinson Sword channels its 250 years of building customer relationships into scalable online 1:1 experiences for their audience—and converts shoppers at a rate that’s 20x higher than your industry average.
Ben Ford

Ecommerce Manager

Wilkinson Sword, an Edgewell brand

Ben Miller

Senior Director, Customer Success & Support


3am LA

6am NY

11am LDN

12pm STHLM

8pm SYD

Scaling Your Tech Stack for Success in Shopify Plus

Hear from Shopify Plus, and a handful of key partners about how brands, agencies, and vendors are coming together to deliver unparalleled ecommerce experiences on the platform that engage, delight, and retain shoppers.
Tim Richardson

Founder & Host

Fern Studios & Your Basket Is Empty

Paul Gray

Product Marketing Lead, Ecosystem

Shopify Plus

Stephen Jones

Enterprise Partner Manager


Beth Moriarty

VP Product and Corporate Marketing


James White

Director of Partnerships, EMEA


Fiona Stevens

Head of Marketing


Frank Zimmermann

Global Head of Partnerships


4am LA

7am NY

12pm LDN


9pm SYD

Hitting the Mark! Highlights from Dotdigital’s Global Ecommerce Benchmark Report

Dotdigital’s annual Hitting the Mark report is back for its 11th edition. Much has changed since the previous report, and shifting consumer habits have placed a higher demand on ecommerce brands worldwide. The industry has faced a period of unprecedented growth, but how well have marketers adapted to these new demands? Dotdigital discuss their findings, including: -How to stand out in the inbox with email best practices -Winning tactics from across the industry -Secrets to conversion-driving experiences -Plus, much more!
Gavin Laugenie

Global Head of Content


4:30am LA

7:30am NY

12:30pm LDN

1:30pm STHLM

9:30pm SYD

In Conversation with Rick Watson: Headless Commerce

Ecommerce has evolved rapidly in recent years, giving rise to one area that remains a hot topic: headless commerce. This session’s panel discussion will explore the future of headless commerce, unveiling the key lessons retailers need to know before taking their first steps to this approach.
Rick Watson

CEO & Founder

RMW Commerce Consulting

Tim Richardson

Founder & Host

Fern Studios & Your Basket Is Empty

Andrzej Dąbrowski

Co-Founder & CTO


Tony Majidi

Sales Director - Benelux & Middle East


5:30am LA

8:30am NY

1:30pm LDN

2:30pm STHLM

10:30pm SYD

The Perfect Match: Why Merchant Growth Depends on the Right Partnerships

With a myriad of agencies to choose from and specialist technologies everywhere we look, it can be difficult to know who to bring on board as an ecommerce merchant. In this session, leading agency, Space48, and their client, Furniturebox, discuss the considerations upon vendor selection and why choosing the right partners is fundamental to growth. Diving into Furniturebox’s own challenges as a scaling “considered commerce” brand, this session’s a must-see for those in the home furnishings industry hungry for growth.
James Ewens

Head of Ecommerce


Pete Robertshaw

Head of Commerce Consulting


Tim Richardson

Founder & Host

Fern Studios & Your Basket Is Empty

6am LA

9am NY

2pm LDN


11pm SYD

Inside Dermalogica's Online Personalization Secrets that Increase Conversions and AOV

Hear from Eddie Dunk, Ecommerce Conversion Manager at Dermalogica, on how he optimizes the brand’s online store with leading Commerce Experience Platform, Nosto (including their smart, face-mapping technology). Joining Eddie will be the brand’s Customer Success Manager at Nosto, who, together, will cover how to boost sales and revenue while also touching on the types of online experiences customers have grown to expect.
Eddie Dunk

Ecommerce Conversion Manager


Ellen Grace

Customer Success Manager


6:30am LA

9:30am NY

2:30pm LDN

3:30pm STHLM

11:30pm SYD

TRACK 1: Best in Class: Flaconi’s Journey to Composable Commerce

Hear how Flaconi moved to Composable Commerce by using Frontastic’s stack. This customer journey dialogue sees two industry-leading experts, focusing on the challenges of moving from an older, monolithic stack to a completely new, composable tech stack. They’ll also share some technical considerations when looking to offer a greater e-commerce experience to customers.
Adeel Younas

Head of Engineering


Peter Sunna

Chief Product Officer


TRACK 2: Wayflyer x True Classic Tees: Funding and Growing Your Ecomm Brand

We welcome Jack Pierse, Co-founder and CFO of Waylfyer, to speak all things ecommerce with Matthew Winnick and Gary Cooperman, Co-founder and CFO (respectively) of True Classic Tees. They discuss how to propel your ecommerce brand and scale, including the impact of flexible finance and funding.
Jack Pierse

Co-founder and CFO


Matthew Winnick


True Classic Tees

Gary Cooperman


True Classic Tees

7am LA

10am NY

3pm LDN


12am SYD

The Keystone to Providing a Compelling Omnichannel Experience Your Customers Expect

Online search engines remain the primary way consumers shop—to find advice and information. However, consumers also still rely on in-store sales teams as a crucial source of information when making purchases. Consumers want an integrated, omnichannel approach to shopping, not just a digital one, and to deliver this, accurate and up-to-date product information is crucial for your sales and conversions. Consumers increasingly need three types of information: technical, functional and emotional. This session dives into how this holy trio makes people comfortable in spending their money with you.
Ali Hanyaloglu

Senior Director of Product Marketing


7:30am LA

10:30am NY

3:30pm LDN

4:30pm STHLM

12:30am SYD

Putting Your Brand’s Biggest Fans to Work in the Creator Economy

In the creator economy, brands and retailers must harness two key things: relevance and authenticity. Buried within the content consumers create are the most relevant, authentic, and trusted brand experiences that people crave–and ones that brands can’t manufacture. In this discussion, we unpick the role of UGC in today’s influencer-obsessed world and how retailers can leverage it to win big.
Damien Mahoney

Chief Strategy Officer


Tim Richardson

Founder & Host

Fern Studios & Your Basket Is Empty

Mazie Fisher


Beija London

8:30am LA

11:30am NY

4:30pm LDN

5:30pm STHLM

1:30am SYD

How to Build Loyalty in the Opt-out Era

We’ve been living in a golden age of ecommerce, where customer data has been readily available and used to power much of our marketing activity. Today, with changes such as GDPR, IOS updates and impending cookie limitations, we are entering a new, opt-out era. In this session, LoyaltyLion speak through how to overcome the difficulty of capturing the data required to generate ROI from traditional acquisition activity, and delivering personalized experiences that retain customers and create longer-lasting relationships.
Fiona Stevens

Head of Marketing


9am LA

12pm NY

5pm LDN


2am SYD

The Future of the Online Marketplace

The online marketplace is predicted to top up to a growth of 6.5 trillion dollars by 2023. As marketplaces quickly become the future of the online economy, which technologies are readily available to help us succeed and win? Get the lineup in this session, hosted by Tim Richardson.
Tim Richardson

Founder & Host

Fern Studios & Your Basket Is Empty

Wilhelm Hamilton



Jessica Young

Founder and CEO

Bubble Goods

Meghan Asha



10am LA

1pm NY

6pm LDN


3am SYD

TRACK 1: Smooth Sailings to Help You Scale: Building A Connected Supply Chain for Seamless Business Flow

This panel depicts the latest industry data on global ocean freight, inventory forecasting, and optimization strategies for middle-and-last mile logistics. Come along to learn how merchants can discover an innovative managed freight approach to offset supply chain congestion, optimize distribution, and bring products to market faster and more reliably. You’ll learn how to: -Streamline inventory transport from Asian manufacturing hubs to global fulfillment centers, reducing costs, customs delays, and time-in-transit -Drive supply chain efficiency and reliability with automation, AI, and strategic inventory placement -Build a connected supply chain ecosystem to maximize visibility and improve forecasting with real-time data, using the latest platform technology.
Chase Pickett

Senior Business Development Manager


Kevin Marvinac

VP of Partnerships


Jonathan Oates

Solutions Consulting Manager


TRACK 2: 3 Tactical Tips to Transform Customer Support into a Profit Center

In this discussion, Michael Potters, Strategic Partner Manager at Gorgias, will be sharing how the highest performing merchants on Gorgias (Steve Madden, Timbuk2, Marine Layer) drive revenue through customer support, with 3 tactical tips.
Michael Potters

Strategic Partner Manager


David Rose


Zoey Sleep

10:30am LA

1:30pm NY

6:30pm LDN

7:30pm STHLM

3:30am SYD

In Conversation With… Brian Lee

Brian Lee was the Co-founder and CEO at The Honest Company, ShoeDazzle, and Legalzoom. While currently at BAM Ventures as Co-founder and CEO, this prolific venture capitalist will discuss what it takes to build a billion-dollar ecommerce empire, welcomed by Tim Richardson.
Brian Lee

Co-founder & Managing Director

BAM Ventures

Tim Richardson

Founder & Host

Fern Studios & Your Basket Is Empty

11.30am LA

2.30pm NY

7.30pm LDN

8.30pm STHLM

4.30am SYD

Achieving Scalable eCommerce Growth in 2022 and Beyond

After setting the bar high in 2021, brands are under pressure to achieve fast and scalable eCommerce growth this year. The problem? The traditional eCommerce revenue model is under attack. Online traffic is falling to record levels during the pandemic and customer acquisition costs are rising. To achieve growth in 2022, brands must maximize current traffic, optimize conversion rates, reduce bounce rates, and improve the digital experience. The question is, how? In this session, leading Shopify brands, Brooklinen and Happiest Baby, will share actionable steps to create unique, personalized, and innovative digital experiences that will help brands attain their online growth goals.
Lexi Montée Busch

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Happiest Baby

Kate MacCabe

VP Product


Beth Moriarty

VP of Product and Corporate Marketing


12pm LA

3pm NY

8pm LDN


5am SYD

NES 2022 Awards Show

Ending the day with a bang, we reveal the winners and finalists of our NES 2022 Awards! Join us in putting our hands together for leading brands, agencies, and technology solutions within our ecosystem across each North America, the UK, Nordics and APAC regions. You won’t want to miss the big show!
Brian Lange


Future Commerce

12:40pm LA

3:40pm NY

8:40pm LDN

9:40pm STHLM

5:40am SYD

Closing Remarks

Finally, we welcome Jim Lofgren back to the stage to round the day out with a few concluding remarks, as NES 2022 comes to a close.
Jim Lofgren

Chairman & CEO

NES & Nosto